How to get authorization code

1. Choose the platform you wish to be authorized.

2. Get Authorization Code > Set the number > Send > View Code

Code activated will be gray and struck through.

Please copy the codes and use them to activate their respective platforms.
Activating aniMath self-learning platform, see: IMA aniMath/Activate with Code/How to Activate with Code
Activating IBC teaching system, see: IBC teaching system/Activate with Code/How to Activate with Code

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2. Install IBC APP on Androids

Latest version of IBC is ver3.4.1 (Update Log)

1. Please click the download link:
(1) Scan the QR code to access Google Play Store or download APK and complete installation.
(2) Search “IBC” in Google Play Store and complete installation. or

2. Follow the instructions to install.

3. Click the icon and start using IBC.

1. Install IBC on Windows

Latest version of IBC is ver3.4.1 (Update Log)
※Note:Before you install IBC3.4.1, please uninstall the previous version properly.
(If you cannot uninstall it properly, pleas check:How to uninstall IBC)

1. Please click the download link: 或 (
Download and execute IBC-3.4.1.exe . (you can also copy the link and open it in your browser.)
2. Download and execute IBC-3.4.1.exe

3. Select your preferred language.

4. Click Next Step to install.

5. Click Install

6. Complete install, click Close.

7. Click the IBC icon on your desktop, log in and start using IBC.

1. Set Regions and Branches Profiles

1.  Log in the IMA system
2.  Enter management username/passwords>>Click Setting on the top left corner.

3. Click Add Region>>Fill in the information>>Send.

4.  After sending, the new region will show in the region list. Now, proceed to adding new branches.

5. Click Add Branch>>Fill in the information>>Send.

6. Set the contracted period on the list>>Send.
(Only within the contracted period the branches can activate their authorization/login/get their code)

7. Complete brands, regions and branches setting。

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2. Add Branch Supervisor

1. Log in the IMA with management username/passwords>>Click Manage Staffs.

2. Click Add New Staffs >> Fill in the registered username (E-mail) >> Click Search and Import >> Confirm the information >> Click Send.

3. Click Manage Staffs >>Authority Settings >> Choose the brand/region and branch of each staff.

2. Find the their username on Staff List >>Add >>Check Supervisor in Authority Setting.

(Note: After setting authority, staffs can login the IMA(staff) with their aniMath username/passwords; only supervisors(checked) can manage classes.)

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3. Activate IBC Authorization for Branches

1. Log in the IMA with management username/passwords.

2. Go to the Authorization Control at the bottom left, Go to the company name (Party B in the contract)

3. Manage Students > Add Student.

4.   Enter registered aniMath username of your clients/business owners >> Click Search and Import >> Fill in the remaining information >>Send.

5. Go to Authorizing List (Items may differ due to different authorized services, languages, etc.)

6. System will list the available number of authorizations.
Available: The remaining number of authorizations
Unavailable: The number already authorized
Authorize: Add new user
History: List of authorized users

7. Authorize >> Choose the branch supervisor(username) >>Send >>Complete.
(Note: Please pay attention to your available number of authorizations.)

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4. Authorize IPT printing system

1. Go to the Authorization Control at the bottom left, Go to the company name(Party B in the contract)

2. Go to Manage Students.

3. Choose the branch supervisor>>Personal Purchase.

4. Choose [aniMath] IPT Print from the authorizing list >>Click Send.

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5. Set the numbers of available aniMath for branches

1. Go to Manage Students.

2. Choose the branch supervisor >> Personal Purchase.

3. Choose Available aniMath from the authorizing list >> Click Send.

4. Set the number according to the contract >> Send.

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aniMath Manage Courses

1. Log in the IMA system
2. Enter management username/passwords >>Click Setting on the top left corner.

3. Click Setting >> Go to Course Settings.

4. Click Add New Course >> Edit Name >> Click Send.

5. Click Arrange course schedule >>Add Chapter.

6. Click the folder you wish to rename >> Click Edit Name >>Enter the new name.

7. Click the folder >> Click Add New Course to add a subfolder (Max. 3)

[Add Course Information]
1. Choose the folder you wish to add a course to from the right column > Choose the course from the left column.
2. Click All if you wish to add the entire chapter(folder).
3. Click → if you wish to add a single chapter.

[Rearrange Sequence of Chapters]
Choose the chapter you wish to rearrange from the right column > Click the icon/drag the chapter up and down.

[Delete Chapter]
Click the chapter you wish to delete > Click Delete Chapter

[Clear Course]
Click Clear to delete all course information.
Click Send to complete.

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3. 取得IBC教學系統授權密碼

1. 進入IMA管理系統>>IBC授權。

2. 針對要開通的項目內容,按查看>>畫面會出現密碼。

3. 此時請配合至IBC軟體進行開卡作業,並輸入上述畫面的其中一組密碼>>完成開通作業即可。 請注意,所有密碼皆為一次性密碼,開通後畫面將該組密碼加註刪除線,無法重複開通使用。

[如何進行開卡作業,請參考: IBC電子白板 / IBC開卡流程 / IBC開卡流程]

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